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    Lantern lantern
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    Crowded streets, gorgeous lanterns; all kinds of people put their own decoration is like a cheerful linger, in this gorgeous lantern walk through, let the snow wet their skirts. From ancient times to the present, the Lantern Festival is shrouded in the cheerful atmosphere, searched all the words that express the mood, perhaps with the cheerful expression of the Lantern Festival is exact.
    At first glance, the long streets are brightly colored by the lanterns, the glowing lanterns are extraordinarily dazzling, neatly distributed on both sides of the street, the falling snowflakes appear against the faint red orange, and the snow is not so smooth ,exquisite. Distant cries with different tone, it seems that the interpretation of different places in the same place play, rhythm rhythm rich.
    In the eyes of the ancients, the Lantern Festival is not only a feast of the festival, it is the day to meet the lovers. Of course, it is also a good day for men and women. The woman in the boudoir with a longing for love and look forward to their own dress up the enchanting scene, imagine in his own life to do a open in his palm of the bright flowers. Just like the Lantern Festival, like a good start. Open today, the woman is no longer closed in that boudoir run out of beauty, are willing to bloom in the colorful world of their own charming. But the Lantern Festival or dating to the day of Huan, regardless of the child lug the running of the lanterns, the old couple's hand in the hands of chronic, or young men and women of the strong embrace are full in the cheerful.
    Snowflakes, gorgeous lanterns, snowflakes damp the gorgeous lanterns, lanterns shining crowded pedestrians, laughter became the main theme of these pictures, cheerful people won the snow chase each other, Yang or hand in hand in the beautiful Between the lanterns. Lanterns, smiling, this may be the Lantern Festival screen, section and love together, that is, with the King and financial, to view the beauty of view. If you are welcome, then please enjoy your carnival; if you are infatuated, then persistent pursuit. And if you share your lanterns with your loved ones, release all your romance, dance with snowflakes, and gorgeous lanterns.
    Lights dim, life boiling, everywhere can be seen lanterns, as well as this dress up the world of snow, plain and drop, lanterns to take care. Walk in the snowy night, lanterns and snow for our embellishment space, you say, thousands of years ago that night, I was a ranger, you are snow butterflies, white flawless snowflakes, ranger and butterfly instantly meet, butterfly love Pass thousands of years. And tonight snowflakes sky, lanterns gorgeous, after thousands of years we talk about the Millennium between the Millennium, snow falling, lanterns matched.

    Do not need too much words, because a thousand years, do not need to create a romantic, tonight is full of fun. When we are in the lanterns of the night, let snowflakes wet skirts, hovering in the crowded crowd, cheerful mind waiting in the bustling is the spring blooming voice.
    People, cheerful, snow, diffuse diffuse, lights dim