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    Address: No. 1, No. 1-5-7, Building A, Longdu Plaza, 288 Wuxing Street, Ziliu District, Zigong City

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        Jia Yu Lantern Culture Co., Ltd. is located in Zigong, one of the most beautiful cities in China, which is well known as 'Millennium Salt', 'dinosaur town', 'South Light City'.

        Established in July 2010 with the registered capital of 1 million yuan, our company has an accumulated revenue of about 150 million up to now. The company is highly equiped with a 350 square-meter office area and a 3000 square-meter production base. Besides, we have 45 experienced workers, 15 innovative designers and 15 highly motivated sale staffs. During the past six years, we have been dedicating to the design and production of traditional Chinese lantern, float and barge as well as the sculpture products, landscape and simulation model (dinosaurs, fictitious characters, animals and plants). By industrious efforts, our company is now highly experienced in mechanics, electronic technology and art designing and become a comprehensive supplier of Chinese lantern, simulation series and landscape-designing. 

       Due to the 
    huge market demand and the popularity of lantern festival that has been an indispensable traditional event for Chinese people, many companies are emerging. Among them, we are building up a young and creative team through a talent model called 'new-old combination', which allows the professional art engineers to guide and train the newcomers. Meanwhile, the new ideas and knowledge from new people can also contribute to the development of our products, thus, revitalizing the old tradition with new thoughts and spirits and changing it into a modern and open activity. Moreover, we created a big talent pool characterized by versatility and innovation, which enables us to be professional in the planning and designing of large-scale light show, floats and barges, as well as garden landscaping, urban lighting and urban sculpturing. Additionally, we have a production base of simulated dinosaur, which is a valuable asset and gives us a great advantage.

        Simulation products are mainly applied to museums, science and technology museum, amusement park, dinosaur theme park, large shopping malls, city square, resort and so on. We focus on the festival organization and product improvement by deeply exploring its cultural heritage and adding technological content. In the meantime, we concern about the interaction between product and audience, as well as its entertainment and participation. 

        Our marketing strategy has been proved to be successful at both home and abroad, we are eligible to do import and export trade. We would like to work together with domestic and foreign merchants to seek common development by enhancing mutual understanding, strengthening cooperation.