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    After-sales Service
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    After - sales service commitment
     1、Technical Support team of 60 People, well-equipped with all necessary equipment.
       2、2 technicians will be provided for field-testing and installation.
       3、Our technicians will go to the ground within 48hours if you require emergency repair work within the warranty period.
            If there is no warranty period, the following applies:            
       If the buyer caused the damage to equipment and needs the Seller (JIA YU) for repair work:
           (1)、Will we send technicians down?     YES                                  
           (2)、Will we provide free equipment to replace the damaged part?   Depends on the ground assessment.
           (3)、IF the buyer has to pay for the replacement of the damaged part, do they follow the price mentioned in the contract?  We will provide a discount for                          the replacement of the damaged part   
       4、Will the Seller provide second relocation of the equipment within the warranty period? Depending on the situation
       5、After the warranty Period
           (1)、Will we be sending technicians down?   Yes                          
           (2)、Upon receiving the news to request for technicians, they will be down within 48Hrs.
           (3)、How much do the buyer have to pay for the damaged parts, will it be the cost price of the part?  Yes                    
           (1)、Provide assistance for the ground installation, field-testing and technical support for the customer.
           (2)、Provides free technical information
           (3)、Free Customer Support
           (4)、1 manager will be in charge for the entire after-sale service for each contract, 2 technicians will be provided during installation phase to facilitate the                       maintenance and installation.