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    Zigong Jia Yu Lantern Culture Co., Ltd
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    Address: No. 1, No. 1-5-7, Building A, Longdu Plaza, 288 Wuxing Street, Ziliu District, Zigong City

    Manager Speech
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    As a Jia Yu Employee, it is our responsibility to showcase to the world, one of our most significant and symbolic cultural heritage – the Zigong Lanterns
    Changes are constant and Jia Yu is willing to make changes and transform if necessary. Through constant self-development and self- assessment, we will be able to accomplish our target for the future.

    Global economic changes and cultural integration has accelerated the social changes over the recent years. Due to these changes, we must continue to self-improve and probe into the future development of the industry in order to self-develop or even transform to suit the future needs. In order for Jia Yu company to become the industry's high-growth enterprises. We need to constantly improve on the ability to innovate in the midst of our self-development and transformation. At the same time, we need to deepen our brand depth, to look both internally and externally to best and to bring out the true potential of both the company and our employees.
    We would like to extend our gratitude to all our customers, partners and most importantly, our employees. Let us hold hands together to continue to encourage, motivate and trust each other for the many new opportunities and challenges that are to come in this vibrant future.