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    Jia Yu company to all staff training related professional knowledge
    发布时间:2015-05-31 22:30:03 来源:本站原创 点击量:
    The company to all staff training related professional knowledge, including dinosaur production base, and dinosaur exhibition related content, and explain in detail the Zigong dinosaur company simulation of various types of product categories, simulation product materials, production processes and processes, provide comprehensive staff of the simulation dinosaurs , Simulation fossils, simulation animals, simulation flowers, a deeper understanding of the entire training in the exception of wonderful kicked off. In the last two hours of training, the company executives were based on their respective departments of the actual, fully explain the dinosaur business knowledge. Dinosaur production base department director of the dinosaur production process, he explained in detail from the material, the internal core components, as well as traditional crafts, for foreign trade commissioners to carry out timely and effective customer service, providing theoretical support. In the simulation of dinosaur product knowledge training, the company's two executives from time to time to explain the unique advantages of simulation products and development, and from the reality, around the more effective bid for the United States California large-scale simulation dinosaur park project, made a detailed Of the deployment, explain in simple terms to explain the marketing skills, their wonderful explanation will be on-site training to a climax. Foreign trade sales executives with vivid language, solid business knowledge, image of the case analysis to reproduce the simulation business, the company employees have reported with warm applause.