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    Jia Yu lanterns tell you: Zhongyuan Lantern Festival, July shock struck! Nanyang
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    Jia Yu lanterns tell you: Zhongyuan Lantern Festival, July shock struck! Nanyang City, the whole entertainment
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    June 16, Nanyang City, the national entertainment "Daini Nanyang Central Plains Lantern Festival" press conference was officially held. The event is organized by Nanyang Duobao Tang Painting and Calligraphy Museum, Beijing Rui Gao Wen Brigade Group, will be held in July this year in Nanyang "Bird's Nest" stadium, 60,000 square meters of activities are divided into "Central Plains Folk", "Nanyang Culture "," film and television animation "three plates, to create Nanyang national entertainment.
    According to the Central Plains Lantern Festival Committee Chairman Mr. Hao Quancheng introduced this event for 45 days. Lantern Festival site from the thousands of creative lanterns, more than 40 groups of large-scale theme group made of light. Will be the Han painting, calligraphy, Wancheng, four holy and other Nanyang culture, as well as the Olympic theme, Jurassic, dream castle and other popular culture through the brilliant lantern art performance for the Nanyang people offer a shocking visual feast. During the 45 days of the lights, the opening ceremony, animation festival, food festival, Olympic carnival, sweet Valentine's Day, Nanyang cultural exhibition, creative market, and other seven colorful activities and live visitors intimate interaction.
    Organizing Committee Secretary-General Mr. Yu Wei introduced: "Great US Nanyang. Central Plains Lantern Festival" is "Lantern + culture + creativity" as the core of modern culture and entertainment brand. Inherited the cultural rejuvenation policy, with the manifestation of modern lanterns to highlight the spirit of Nanyang, with the interpretation of Nanyang landscape characters, Han Feng Han Yun, non-inheritance, calligraphy art, and the times and other cultural elements, is committed to creating Nanyang Urban culture card, to promote cultural tourism, and then promote the development of Nanyang City cultural industry.
    In order to promote the non-genetic inheritance of Nanyang City, the organizers invited the non-geniuses to enter the Lantern Festival for free and held a signing ceremony at the conference. The purpose was to let the public know about "straw", "paper cutting", "clay" "" Stone carving "and other non-heritage projects.
    Over the same period will also carry out the "China's first calligraphy Lantern Show", which is the first time in China to hold the theme of the lanterns as the theme of the calligraphy event, is now open for the public calligraphy works, solicitation will be the end of June.
    In the conference site reporter learned that in this conference also held Mengbao "happy smile" collection activities, then, lovely Mengbao smile will be gorgeous lanterns on the beautiful bloom.
    In order to contribute to the community, the chairman of the organizing committee promised: First, during the Central Plains Lantern Festival held, will be held once a week charity relief activities. Second, the height of 1.2 meters below the children and more than 70 years old all free of charge to visit.
    This summer, see lanterns, food will be Nanyang people leisure way.