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    Jia Yu lanterns take you into the Zigong Lantern Festival
    发布时间:2015-05-31 22:31:50 来源:本站原创 点击量:
    Magnificent momentum, large-scale, mixed lights, Zigong Lantern Festival is the overall characteristics.
    Porcelain, ordinary daily necessities, with it to install Lai, rice is everyone feel natural thing. However, the use of it to tie into the lamp, that is, Zigong people's ingenuity! Porcelain dragon, with more than 20,000 pieces of daily porcelain tableware tie, sinking teeth are pouring up the spoon, that erratic dragon, A string of small glasses, that winding body is a row of rows of blue and white flowers and exquisite bowl formed. When the lights flashing, as if the dragon's blood in the flow. An audience wrote on the message book: "Made with porcelain tableware so beautiful lights, really wonderful, wonderful!"
    Penicillin vials through the fine cleaning, and then the complex process of preparation of the color of water perfusion, made of crystal clear "dragon", shiny "peacock", like a dream "Lotus pond moonlight." Bottle made of lights, display in Guangzhou, an overseas Chinese exclaimed: "It is really stone into gold, the decay of the magic ah!
    Cocoon is the raw material of silk, use it to do lights, is the original Zigong people. After taking the pupa after the empty cocoon, after treatment into a lifelike "dragon", "phoenix";
    Bamboo stripped as thin as onion skin scandal, compiled into a basket, fan, is the southern people's unique skills, Zigong people will be made into a transparent body of the lanterns, local style vividly out. That glass blown lights, tie dyestuffs into the lights, silver-plated glass lights ... ... have shown the magic of imagination and creativity. Traditional crafts and modern science and technology of the organic combination of Zigong Lantern will be a significant artistic features. It has done a shape, color, sound, light, moving unity, become a representative of modern lanterns.
    "shape". The panorama of the lanterns of the mountains, the Saga, the different art style buildings, the different types and varieties of craft lights, revolving lanterns, bird lights, character lights, large group lights, in this natural beauty and artificial beauty intertwined The realm of art. The shape of the lamp is also due to the subject matter, content, performance techniques are different and rich and varied, dry style, posture, constitute the unique style of Zigong Lantern.
    "color". Since it is a lamp, it is natural to represent the harmony and festive red as the main tone. But not limited to this, its color changes and the use of almost all the world's hue. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple, unpredictable, colorful, meaning meaningful. All the cheerful, quiet, mood in this color of the emotional world has been displayed.
    "Light". Lantern light is not a single light, where the light into a point, into a bundle, into a line, into a film. The formation of "mountains and light thousands of heavy, different levels of different" wonderful landscape. The light of the faint light, to give you a sense of mysterious feeling; that red glowing light, evoke your eager longing and pursuit; that light in the water sparked multicolored light beam, that dragon spray the light to remove the seven-color stars The In particular, it is worth mentioning that the light source within the Zigong Lantern-based light, which light from the lamp "belly" revealed; make the lamp more vitality and appeal.
    "sound". Where people have been Zigong Lantern, in addition to dizzying, the feelings of the ear is also an unforgettable life. The birds singing the sky, the dinosaur call on the ground, the goddess of the flute, marry the pro-blown suona ... ... natural rhyme, P Plus sweet. In the light of the meeting, both can be moved in the boiling sea, but also in the trickle to enjoy tranquility.
    "move". Let the lights move up, is a representative feature of modern lanterns. And let it move freely, moving clever, moving surprisingly, it is not an easy thing. Zigong lights will basically do the energy of the air, the water active, the lights inside the characters will move, the lights outside the characters can move. Horizontal movement, curve movement, up and down movement, moving people laughing, moving people amazed.
    It is an important symbol of modern lanterns. It makes the national culture brilliant and brilliant, the rise of regional culture, the development of national culture, the development of national culture, the development of national culture, Development has played a positive role in promoting.