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    Weifang: steel instead of bamboo lanterns modeling network marketing income of t
    发布时间:2015-05-31 22:33:06 来源:本站原创 点击量:
    Thousands of doors hanging red light, lights welcome the festival; million trees Yin Yinhua, flowers group Lantern Festival. With the integration of modern elements, the transmission of two thousand years of lanterns, in the hands of the people in the light of the new glow of youth.

    Weifang Hanting Hall lamp bar craftsmen Wang Yongxun workshop, Lantern Festival lanterns have been left small. And in the past to push the lanterns to catch a large set of different, and now stay at home, Pharaoh's lights can be sold to the far apart. They put some of the design before the lanterns on the site, this year from the online sales point of view, can account for more than 90% of sales, income should be three or four million.

    According to the legendary lineage, Wang Yongxun is the 16th generation descendant of Weifang Zhanhua lanterns, bar skeleton, paperwork, painting writing, and everything is well equipped. With the flames, a small bamboo in his hands can play a variety of shapes, bamboo selection, fire time has a doorway. Wang Yongxun told reporters that bamboo is baked can be, that is, bamboo flesh toward you, you have to bake, bamboo flesh outward, bamboo is particularly easy to break.

    In recent years, the lights will rarely see the bamboo to do the lanterns, Pharaoh is now dealing with more than steel, binding technology has also been replaced by welding. Wang Yongxun said: "The past bamboo can do some small shape, do some large things difficult to achieve his tenacity, we now use the steel, plasticity is relatively strong, all kinds of shapes can be made out.

    Reinforcing bar for bamboo, light bulb candles, lanterns, reborn after the lanterns also won the people's favorite.

    Weifang tourists Zhao Hui said that the previous light is not so bright and not so beautiful, work is not so good, creativity is not so new Heze tourists Guo Fang feel that the lights like this cartoon, comics are all very good, what is the picture of the more out of color.

    Not only the appearance of the United States, the integration of modern technology, so that lanterns become lively and lively up. Wang Yongxun to say one of the secrets: "which added a number of small motor, a small motor inside the production of a crankshaft, crankshaft lead guide, so that is to call the lantern which move called.

    Material has changed, the new shape, the traditional technology and culture has not changed into the new elements of the Weifang lanterns also blooming new youth, the integration of the kite culture, New Year paintings of the Weifang lanterns are applying for provincial intangible cultural heritage.