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    Zigong: lantern foreign trade and trade five years and strive to generate 100 mi
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    Recently, the relevant person in charge of Zigong City Bureau of Commerce told reporters that from January to May this year, Zigong lanterns, simulated dinosaur exports 5.4 million US dollars, 15 overseas display of color lights, foreign trade and trade income of 2.58 million US dollars, up 17.44 over the same period last year %.

    In the "thirteen five" start of the year, Zigong City, seize the characteristics of lanterns, simulation dinosaur export rapid development momentum, speed up the pace of foreign cultural trade, pulling Zigong characteristics of cultural industry development.

    Zigong lanterns occupy the market share of the market

    Zigong Lantern has a long history, distinctive features. Development so far, Zigong City, more than 380 households lanterns, employing 80,000 people, the annual output value of 2.5 billion yuan. Zigong lantern has occupied 80% of domestic and foreign market share of more than 90%.

    According to reports, Zigong City, the existing lanterns professional medium-sized technical training schools 1, Lantern Design and Culture Institute 1, Sichuan Institute of Technology internship and training base 6. At present, with the ancient, Tianyu culture, the new sub-lantern, the East lantern, the sea lantern, in the art lanterns, Tengda, dinosaur landscape and many other well-known lantern culture brand, 10 enterprises by the Ministry of Commerce 5 For the national cultural export key enterprises.

    At the same time, Zigong Lantern Cultural Development Park was selected as "National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base" by the Ministry of Culture. Zigong Lantern Culture Export Base was named as "Sichuan Service Trade Characteristic Base (Lantern Culture)" by Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce. At this point, Zigong Lantern industry chain has been extended, involved in cultural festivals, creative exhibitions, tourist attractions, urban landscape lighting and simulation of animal and plant models and other fields, initially formed a relatively complete industrial development system, service network system and a new cultural industry Cluster.

    "Zigong Lantern Festival has been popular in the country, to the world." Zigong City Bureau of Commerce official told reporters that in recent years, Zigong lights will be the world's "China's" all the way 'strategy and the pace of development of foreign trade and trade, Highly concerned and widely loved to become the dissemination of traditional Chinese culture, promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, enrich the tourism products of the bridge and platform. Zigong Lantern has been exhibited in more than 50 countries and regions in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, New Zealand, Hungary, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai and Seychelles. To lanterns, simulation dinosaur-based cultural products, exports nearly 60 countries around the world.

    Together to build lantern industry

    How to further build together Zigong lanterns export cultural trade industry? Improve the system design, provincial and municipal linkage to promote and strengthen the brand building, for policy support, emphasizing talent cultivation ... Zigong relevant departments and units are actively implementing specific initiatives.

    According to reports, Zigong City, introduced the "implementation of the views on accelerating the development of foreign cultural trade," the overall planning of the city's foreign trade and trade development goals, a clear foster the main body, build base, innovation and trade priorities such as finance and taxation, credit guarantee, foreign exchange management Support measures, the establishment of business, culture, development and reform of 15 departments joint joint meeting system, to help lanterns foreign cultural trade development.

    At the same time, leveraging the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce extensive resources and policy support, Zigong City and its signing "on accelerating Zigong lanterns foreign cultural trade innovation and development of the framework agreement", jointly launched "Chuan Yuoyao Road" series of activities. In the event of China's trade in services with the influence of the Beijing Fair platform, jointly organized the "Sichuan-Yao Road," the theme of the promotion, in the 22nd Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival during the economic and trade fairs to carry out "foreign Rong Rong conspiracy and economic and trade representatives Zigong activities "In the" well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises in Sichuan trip "activities invited to the British-China Trade Association to Zigong inspection, through the construction of high-end platform, sing Zigong Lantern, Zigong lanterns to enhance the attraction.

    To build lantern culture export quality and safety demonstration area, the establishment of lantern industry alliance and simulation dinosaur industry alliance, to carry out industry self-discipline, strict self-control, strengthen the standardization of management. Organizations to mobilize enterprises to actively declare the 2015 - 2016 national cultural key export enterprises and national cultural key projects, establish industry benchmark. 5 enterprises by the Ministry of Commerce and other five ministries as "national cultural export key enterprises", accounting for 38.5% of the province. Mobilize enterprises to carry out international trademark registration, to seize the international market, Zigong color lights, simulation dinosaur brand internationalization process will continue to accelerate, Zigong opening degree will be significantly improved.

    In addition, the positive fight on the policy funds to support lanterns, simulation dinosaur enterprises bigger and stronger. For the provincial economy in 2016 to 1.73 billion yuan to support lanterns, simulation dinosaur production enterprises to carry out creative design research and development, outside the light show. In the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce to develop "2016 Central Foreign Economic and Trade Policy Fund" to support the direction of positive feedback lantern business reality, the lantern business overseas exhibition of foreign freight, rent, publicity fees, installers fixed subsidies Into the scope of service trade support for enterprises to add more financial support.

    In the personnel training, Zigong City, the establishment of lantern design and cultural research institute, Sichuan Institute of Technology internship and training base 6, lantern professional medium technical training school 1, scientific research institutions as the core of continuous output of intellectual resources, Enhance the technical strength of the industry. To Alibaba cross-border electricity service center settled in the city as an opportunity to hold an eco-business summit, the city's 20 foreign-related enterprises to cross-border electricity business practice training. The city of Lantern Chamber of Commerce members of the export seminars, the organization of more than 10 cultural enterprises to participate in the "Innovation and Upgrade Hong Kong Expo" activities, learning Hong Kong designers design concept, improve the quality of personnel.

    Five years to achieve 100 million US dollars target

    Reporters learned that, in the country "along the way" under the guidance of the development strategy, Sichuan Province, "the" one way all the way "251 three-year action plan", Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce and Zigong City Government proposed "Sichuan light Yao Silk Road" five-year plan , That is: to Zigong Lantern as the carrier, the integration of other Chinese cultural elements, to build a combination of cultural and economic display platform, in the "area along the way" along the country and the world's 100 cities held 100 lights will be displayed, led 100 times business "Going out" to expand the international market, to achieve foreign trade services totaling 100 million US dollars target.