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    "Zigong Lantern Festival" to the United States to go
    发布时间:2017-05-18 11:57:30 来源:本站原创 点击量:
    Sichuan News Network reporter learned today, "Oriental Lantern" and the United States together to create the company's "winter dream Lantern Festival will be November 20, 2015 in Houston, United States debut, exhibition time across Thanksgiving, Christmas , The new year, the end of January 10, 2016. At present, the lamp group production has been in the light of the company's warehouse warehouse warehouse is about to complete.
    The Perfect Integration of Western Culture and the Internationalization of Lantern
    The theme is divided into "winter dream", "the world five continents", "Jurassic" and other seven plates. Among them, the "winter dream" combined with the traditional Western Christmas culture, the overall tone to blue, purple-based, more than 20 meters of a dream Christmas tree; in the "world five continents" plate, according to the world landmark building and Cultural style, produced the "Eiffel Tower", "Leaning Tower of Pisa", "Dutch windmill", "Taj Mahal" and other large light group. At the same time, there are "Beijing Tiantan", "rich Chinese door" "Zodiac" and other traditional Chinese elements. Sichuan News Network reporter in the company's plant to see, the local characteristics of Houston's "rocket", "basketball team" and other elements, also made a light group, a staff member is making basketball team lanterns told Sichuan News Network reporter, do a kind of headlamps, the whole project will probably take 7-8 days time.

    At the same time, Zigong lanterns in the characteristics of the "dinosaur", will also be a separate form of a unit, it is understood that in the "Jurassic" plate, a total of more than 50 dinosaur lanterns, respectively, Two forms are presented.

    It is understood that the Houston Sam Houston Horse Racing Park as the China Dream Lantern Carnival venue, covers an area of ​​over 120,000 square meters, which can accommodate 6 to 80,000 visitors to the garden lights. A total investment of more than 6 million US dollars, refresh the industry record.

    This carnival to "winter dream" as the theme, combined with the Chinese lantern production process, such as the "Winter Dream" plate "ice crystal castle" door, up to 32 meters, a height of 16 meters, magnificent reproduction of snow and ice world ; The Egyptian pyramids as the theme of the "mysterious mask" lamp group up to 35 meters, 10 meters high, the use of traditional crafts and small bottle of stitching, to the colorful effect ... ... the carnival is also the number of innovative design group More than once, each plate can be independently built as a small theme park, the combination of the current global scale - sub-color carnival.

    Secondary use + environmental upgrade to science and technology for environmental protection escort

    It is understood that the first appearance of the new production process and materials will be the industry to produce production standards to a new height. Past lights will be the production of the problem is the overall large-scale light box packing and transport, not only a waste of time and cost, single-lamp group is a one-time use, is not conducive to recycling there is a big drawback. The carnival, "Oriental lantern" cast huge sums of money from design ideas to construction, the lamp group structure for the dismantling assembly type, easy to use the light group later.

    This type of dismantling assembly-type light group, although the cost of a substantial increase, but it is Zigong lanterns to the product model exports to the world a major trend.

    In addition, the project used by the high-tech new light source, more energy-efficient use of longer period. "Oriental lanterns" advocating new ideas and new technology requirements of excellence, the production process used in raw materials, electrical appliances and so on this carnival to become a high technological content.

    To light for the media to create a comprehensive trade platform services

    In addition to the carnival in order to "lantern" as the main backing, but also an output of traditional Chinese culture. It is understood that in this carnival, will be held for the first time, "China's Sichuan food, tourist attractions, product display recommended" to create poly business, culture, tourism in a comprehensive promotion platform, provided by the four domestic enterprises More opportunities for external display, which actively explore the "going out" a new way.

    It is also a folk artist who has traditional Chinese characteristics and will be unveiled in this carnival, and the light will be the platform for the world to learn more about Chinese traditional culture.